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Overnight Housesit 

(in your home)

Overnights: $120 each night

*Overnights are from 7pm to 7am, returning mid-day for a walk. 


*Price may vary depending on your location, if you need extra services, have additional pets or need extra hours of care. 

*Please add $20 per extra pooch. 


*Weekends & federal holidays, please add $10 per day.


(in my home)


Overnights: $120 each night 

*This service is for short stays and select pooches who have passed their behavioral test. 

*Free pick up and drop off within our territory. 


*Please add $20 per extra pooch. 

*Weekends and federal holidays, please add $10 per day. 


Potty break: $15

30 min: $25

45 min: $35

60 min: $45 


*Please add $10 per extra pooch.  

*Weekends & federal holidays, please add $10 per service.

Park Visits


ON-LEASH group park visits to PAN PACIFIC PARK

(7600 Beverly Blvd.)

60 min: $45



ON-LEASH group hikes to Runyon Canyon, Bronson Canyon or other local hiking spots. 

60 min hike: $50


*Price may vary depending on location.

*Please add $15 per extra pooch.

*Weekends and federal holidays, please add $10 per service.  

House Visits 


*This service is for cats, birds, rodents, reptiles, fish and other small non-canine breeds. Service will include feeding, fresh water, medication, litter/cage clean up and lots of love and playtime. 

15 mins: $15

30 mins: $25

45 mins: $35

*Weekends, please add $10 per service.

*Federal holidays, please add $10 per service. 

*Multiple pets may be subject to $5 extra pet surcharge. 

Pet Taxi 

*Taxi rates are based on time traveled from pick up to drop off and wait time in between. Service requested outside of our territory will include time traveled back. 

15 mins: $20

30 mins: $25

45 mins: $35

60 mins: $40 

*After hours 7pm-7am, please add $10. 

*Weekends & federal holidays, please add $10 per day.

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